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em/ (customizable);
<@414440610418786314> (mentioning the bot)

(Administrator-only commands)*
<(required arguments)>
[(optional arguments)]

Command Description
helpShows MusEmbed's help message.
botinfoRetrieves information about MusEmbed.
serverinfoRetrieves information about the guild.
pingRetrieves latency of the bot and the API.
linksShows MusEmbed's links.
suggest <suggestion>Submits a suggestion to MusEmbed's support server. Suggestion must consist of 20 characters or more.
embed [hex code] <message>Embeds your message.
rawembed [hex code] <message>*Embeds your message without showing your username and discriminator.
play <song name/url>Searches for the song you requested.
pausePauses the current song.
resumeResumes a paused song.
skipVotes to skip the playing song. Song automatically skips if half/over half of people vote to skip.
npShows the name of the currently playing song.
volume [number 1-10]Changes volume to the provided number. Shows current volume if arguments are not provided.
queueShows the current queue of songs.
loopToggles loop to 'single' when used once. Toggles to 'all' when used twice. Toggles 'off' when used thrice.
stop*Resets the queue and stops music. Also forces MusEmbed to leave the voice channel.
kick <user> [reason]*Kicks a user from the guild.
ban <user> [reason]*Bans a user from the guild.
unban <user id> [reason]*Unbans a banned user in the guild.
purge <number>*Deletes a number of messages in a channel.
mute <user> [reason]*Mutes a user in the guild. A 'Muted' role must first be set up for this to work.
unmute <user> [reason]*Unmutes a user in the guild. A 'Muted' role must first be set up for this to work.
showconfShows configurations for the guild.
setconf <item> <new value>*Sets a new value for the guild's configuration.

Available configurations (<item> <new value>):
prefix (custom prefix for the guild)
censor (on/off)
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